Which port Algolia is using?

Hey guys,

I am in trouble with Intranet and Algolia. Our server using a high level firewall. We want to use Algolia on the server. The server guys asking me for which port Algolia is using. Do you have any idea or answer?


Hi @xmcinar

Algolia’s API is probably running on port 80 as any Http service. If you can access Google.fr, you can hit Algolia :wink: (or it’s not a port configuration issue).

Hope this helps :wink:


80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).

Alternatively most of our API clients supports using a proxy if you need this, let us know how it goes and give us more details when you have some. Thanks!

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Thank you very much @vvo and @pierre.aurele.martin. <3 I will let you know @vvo.

Port 80 solved the problem. There is a connection now between Algolia and server. Thanks again. @vvo