Why am I getting this message on console "Since v2.0.4, search-insights no longer validates event payloads."

using insight search v 2.2.1

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Looking at devtools the source code has

'development' === process.env.NODE_ENV &&
      'Since v2.0.4, search-insights no longer validates event payloads.\nYou can visit https://algolia.com/events/debugger instead.',

No way to turn it off if in NODE_ENV development

Hi @harry.scheuerle

Early versions of the insights middleware library performed payload validation in the library itself. When we transitioned event debugging to the console, we added this info-level message to alert developers to the change.

This should only be appearing if you have console logging set to INFO or higher. You shouldn’t see it in production. I would imagine at some point we’ll remove the info alert – probably with the next major version.

You can read more on the history in this PR: