Why am I having the warning "Inconsistent Type (Null instead of String)" using Data Analysis?

Hey Algolia Community!

I need your help, I am using the Algolia Crawler to generate my records based on the HTML structure of my website, I’m using the helper.docsearch() method to build a hierarchy structure using lvl0 , lvl1, etc., the implementation looks well and it works, however, when I run the Data Analysis tool to analyze the quality of data in my searchs, the tool returns some warnings that says “Inconsistent Type (Null instead of String)” and other warnings that says “Inconsistent Type (String instead of Null)” , those warnings are associated to some record props like content and the hierarchy from lvl2 to lvl6 .

So, researching a little bit about this, I found that the crawler generates records where content or lvl2 for instance have null values (see the second image for reference), maybe this is normal or maybe not. I’m not sure if those warnings are being generated by this behavior, so I really need your help to solve this thing. Thanks!

Warnings in Data Analysis

Example of one of the records generated by the Algolia Crawler