Why are matches obtained by considering the last word as a prefix not penalized

I use prefixLast in my index. My problem is that I have two records with the title attribute equal to “law 3” and “law 32”. If I submit the query “law 3” I get “law 32” as the highest ranked result. the two records tie on all except userScore (their userscores are almost identical). I have added a custom ranking to my index. I use a field called boost. Both the records have the same boost record. Why are their userscores different?

In any case I would expect that the record with title “law 3” would be ranked higher than “law 32”, but it is not? Is that because prefixing does not imply any penalty?

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Thank you for contacting us regarding your records ranking issue.

However, without knowing anything about the nature of you records and your index’s configuration, it would be difficult to help you.

Could you enable Read-Access to the Algolia Support Team via your dashboard (My Account > Algolia Support Access > read access) and send us your application ID and the object IDs of the two records that are concerned via support@algolia.com?

I replied in an email sending you our app id’s and records.

Still I do not understand whether matches that appear due to prefixing are penalized compared to matches that appear without prefixing?