Why does Algolia return all data including no match in the response?

Hi, newbie here.
I tried looking for the answer in the documentation but I failed to find it. Why is it that every time I search, Algolia always returns all the data (hits.data contains all the data and _snippetResult.data including all rows with matchLevel=none) .Shouldn’t it return only those that matches (match.Level=full)?

This behavior can occur if the attributes to retrieve and attributes to highlight are not set correctly in your Algolia query, or if the optionalWords feature is being used which treats all words in the query as optional, leading to more inclusive search results. Check the removeWordsIfNoResults setting, which can be set to allOptional to return results even when some query words are missing. If you’ve already set these parameters correctly and are still facing the issue, it might be a good idea to reach out to Algolia’s support or community forums for more specific guidance.