Why does out email weekly usage has faceted search values


May I ask why does our weekly usage has faceted search value on it that retrieved 0 value? Please see the screenshot below.

This is the link to the site http://tfc.tv/search/results. As you can see, it has search for “see below” 34 times.

episodeId: 139766 type: episode

We do not implemented that faceting of episodeId as much as I know.

Please enlighten me what is the criteria for that to reflect in the report.


Hi Mark Daniel,

Thanks for reaching out with this question!
The black text in your screenshot should be the search query and the green text the filters. It looks like there’s a bug with numeric filtering (the onlineEndDate > xxx), this should be in green.
I would like to dig a little deeper to investigate why you’re seeing the episodeId as a filter, would you be able to grant us personification access from your dashboard?

Many thanks,

Hi @tobi.weinstock

Thank you for the response, I granted you read access for 7 days on our dashboard.

I look forward to receive update from you. If you have further question on the details, please let me know.

Thanks again!

Hi @markdaniel_tamayo,

Thanks so much for granting us access! I took at your dashboard and it looks like the episodeId has been added in the Display tab an attribute for faceting. Next, I had a look at some of the recent requests on your logs and I did not see an example containing episodeId. Is it possible that you were running tests that applied the episodeId filter to certain queries? Let me know if you have any insights on your end.

Many thanks,

Hi @tobi.weinstock

Thank you for the reply.

However, I am certain that we haven’t done any tests on our end in the previous week, especially faceting those episode IDs more than 30 times. And that was for our usage last Jan 1 to 7.

For the report last Jan 8 to 14, episodeID no longer appears but the onlineStartDate and onlineEndDate still isn’t in a green font just like the onlineStatusId. Is this because we had decimal in the timestamp?

Thanks again.

Hi @markdaniel_tamayo,

I’m very glad to hear that the episodeID filters are not present in your recent analytics. Let us know if you see confusing data again, hopefully we’ll be able to identify why you’re getting these results.
With regards to the onlineStartDate and onlineEndDate appearing in black text, that goes back to the bug with numerical filtering we noticed last week. You timestamps look good, it’s a bug on our end, they should indeed be green! This layout bug has been flagged and sent to the team!