Why my search is counted as single queries and multi queries?

I am trying to learn charged operation in Algolia, so I get an email from Algolia like the image below, I only have one index called prod_EVENTS.

as you can see, in the last few days, there are 4 searches (which is very accurate).

but when I open monitoring section on the dashboard, it is counted as 12 search operations (7 multi queries and 5 single queries). it seems to me that I have to pay for 12 search operations like the image below:

I am using Android as the frontend, and I am using algoliasearch. after the user write the keyword on the search bar and tap enter, then it performs search using the method below in Android:


I am using this gradle: implementation 'com.algolia:algoliasearch-android:3.+'

on last few days, like the image from my email above, I try to type “indo” on search bar of my Android apps (3 times) and hit enter key. and then I also type “nxndnd jdndd” once on search bar and press enter. so the method above is triggered 4 times in the last few days, I assume I only perform 4 search operation

but I don’t understand why 4 searches will be counted as 12 search operations like that ? I expect it will only charged as 4 operations. I don’t need the exact number, but I am confused where that single and multi queries numbers comes from ? especially the multi queries, since I think I only have one index and search through that only index. i have tried to find guide or doc about single and multi queries in Algolia, but I can’t find it

do I get charged for 4 operations or 12 search operations ? so how to count single and multiple queries ? and do I have to pay for 12 search operations or just 4 ?

really need your information, because it will relate to cost of my app operation. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @kumpul.muslim.id,

Thanks for contacting Algolia. As the post you linked to mentions (My searches are showing up as "multi-queries" despite only searching one index) certain Algolia API clients utilize the multi-queries endpoint.

You listed a total of 12 searches. You can see what those search requests look like and which of your searches triggered the 12 count in your Algolia Dashboard:

One multi-query counts as 1 search operation (even if it has multiple search queries in it). Overall, you’ll have 12 search operations counted! I hope this helps

Hi @kumpul.muslim.id -

If you need further clarification, please feel free to email support@algolia.com with additional details, as well as granting Support access to your data!


hi @ajay.david . thank you very much for your response. if I see the logs search, I get some operation like this:

it seems that, I have a call from my own dashboard. so I assume when I access the ‘Indeces’ tab in Algolia, then it will also trigger the search operation ?

so it means the multi-queries operation comes from my own dashboard ? not from my Android ?

currently I also have conversation with other Algolia Team. then it is said that

The only case where Android performs multiple queries are when using searchDisjunctiveFaceting, which may be happening behind the scenes in the API client.


As for turning off “searchDisjunctiveFaceting”, this method should not be used as long as you are not using refinement lists with disjunctive faceting

the code I use in my Android is only these lines:

I think I don’t set the disjunctive faceting feature on those lines of code. as for the dashboard settings, I only set the searchable attribute on the ‘Configuration’ section in the indices tab on Algolia dashboard. I didn’t set the faceting at all on the dashboard

so is it safe to say that the multi queries operations comes from the dashboard access and not from my Android ? so whenever I access my indices tab on Algolia dashboard it will be counted as one multi queries ?

I am sorry If I seem over complicated things. I really like what Algolia offers, it seems perfect for my project. but I need to know the operation in Algolia. at the moment it seems to me that if I search 4, then I charged for 12 operations, it seems that I get charged 3 times higher. the one thing I don’t understand is that multi queries operation.

Thank you very much, Ajay!

Hi @kumpul.muslim.id,

If you were in contact via email with another Algolia Team member, would you be able to continue that thread and include your helpful detail and questions?

The combined information may provide the better context for an answer

Thank you!


the question is the same.

I can confirm that in my case the multi queries comes from the dashboard when I accessed the indices tab on Algolia dashboard. as for the query from Android with the code using above, it will only be counted as single query only.