Why should we only use the REST API to develop new API clients?

From the documentation: https://www.algolia.com/doc/rest-api/search/#introduction

Using our API clients is recommended to get the best from our service, they are all open-source and available on Github. You should only use our REST API to develop new API clients.

For some parts of our website, we just want to display information from a query. In this section, we won’t use anything fancy like instant search.

Is it ok just curl the REST API server side to get these results?

If the API client exist in the language you use for the backend, you should use it. The API clients hold the logic for our retry strategy (if a server is down or if the DNS is down for instance). Our SLA is only guaranteed if you use the API clients.

These are the reason why we always recommend to use our API clients

A great reason to use the API client of the language you want to use (frontend or backend) is that they implement an efficient retry strategy. If you’re only going to curl the one address it’s possible that one of the other two machines answer faster than the first one you try. Our API clients handle all of that, so you should rather use them.

Does that make sense to you?

This makes perfect sense.

Thank you!