Why timestamp is changed?

Hi guys and please help me with my problem
The timestamp in some records differs from that I have uploaded from a file.
In Algolia UI I see something like this ‘Attr. ts: 1462042800 (was 1492196400)’ on some of records. But why?

Hi there,

Thanks for your question!

This is not an issue we have face before.
Could you double check on your end if any script could be modifying your data before you send it to Algolia ?

Are you using the dashboard or one of our API clients ?

Feel free to reach out to support@algolia.com if you don’t find anything. Please precise in your email a precise example of a records before and after it was uploaded, as well as the steps taken to upload it.


Thanks, everything is ok. I suggest to close the topic.
Just for clarification, I uploaded records via dashboard (JSON file). And I still see in dashboard on some records ‘Attr. ts: ____ (was: ___ )’ but this doesn’t affect my data.

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