Widget Implementation

The only vue3 widget that is working for me is ais-hits, is there somewhere I can see the code for the examples.
Two issues I am having right now is that while ais-toggle-refinement is correctly toggling the results to limit based on the attribute being true or false, the widget is always showing “0” results and there is no spacing between the checkbox, the label label, and number of results. Also, the the “–noRefinement” class doesn’t go away even if I click the button and the results are refined.

ais-menu-select just isn’t doing anything, it doesn’t show any of the different tier values in the dropdown.

is-search-box and ais-hits are totally working as expected. I am at my wits end because I can’t figure out where to find any working examples to see what I am missing.

Any idea where I should look?