Will Algolia starter kit work for enterprise edition

I am thinking of buying the started kit to give it a try.
Will it work on Enterprise edition of Magento2?

Also, Does 14 day trial work on Magento2?

Hello @sudeepgoyal,

thank you for your interest in Algolia and Algolia’s Magento 2 extension.

Unfortunately today we cannot guarantee you that the extension will work on Magento 2 EE as we’re not able to test it properly on the platform. But we should get there soon.
However we have couple customers who uses the extension on Magento 2 EE without any issues and are happy with that.

The 14-day trial period applies to all Algolia customers, so even for those who use the Magento extension. Feel free to give it a try and we’ll be really happy to hear any feedback from you.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

So, If I get you right, I can try Algolia Magento2 extension on EE for 14 days trial for free.

Today, I tried to install Algolia extension on Magento2 EE. When I ran the command

composer require algolia/algoliasearch-magento-2

I was asked for username and password. I provided my algolia email and password but that led to authentication failure.

I have installed Algolia extension on Magento2 community edition but in that case, they didn’t asked for any username and password.