Will having a facet on a collection be a problem?

We have our source data structure as below:
“prdtname”: “Samsung Smartphone”,
“skuId”: sk123,
“properties”: {
“Color” : “blue”,
“Length” : 25,
“Weight” : 2
“category”: “Mobiles > Smartphones”
“prdtname”: “Samsung LCD TV”,
“skuId”: stv123,
“properties”: {
“Type” : “LCD”,
“Length” : 25,
“Weight” : “8lbs”,
“Screen Size” : “55in”
“category”: “Electronics > Television”
Based on the category to which the product belongs, the data within “properties” will change.
ALso, the requirement is to have facets on all these fields (within properties).

For this requirement, we are following the approach where we have defined all these fields as below:
“Screen Size”,
In this case, we are getting this list of all the properties for each category from customer and configuring them as facets in Algolia. So when we actually get the data we process the “properties” field and map all the key value pairs within it in a flat structure as shown above.
The only drawback of this approach is that when customer adds any new properties in a product, we have to manually configure it in Algolia.

So to address this issue, we are planning to define “properties” itself as a facet in Algolia, so that any data that comes in that field, will be facetable.
Also, there will be no problem of any manual intervention whenever customer wants to add/remove any particular properties.
My question is that in this approach where we define “properties” collection itself as a facet, are there any cases, where this can give problems? I mean if I configure “properties” as a facet, will the end user be still able to use them without any possible problem?
Do we have any best practices when creating facets?

Any inputs on this will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.