Wishlist and Compare


there are plugins that add a wishlist and compare feature to Woocommerce products. The buttons to add a product to a wishlist do show on the regular Woocommerce List and Detailpages, but not on the search results page. Is there a way do display those buttons there, too?

PS is there a way to translate “show more” in the facets?

Hi @barelo,

Our plugin for WooCommerce overrides the default html.
In your case, the only way to re-add the given behaviour would be to do it with Javascript and delegate the handling to an container higher in the hierarchy than the results list holder.

I do realize though that this makes our plugin not very third party plugins friendly when it comes to frontend display.

We are thinking of an alternative that would let you do the queries to Algolia from the backend, so that your actual html templates aren’t altered. With this solution though, you would loose the “instant” aspect of the search. How do you feel about this approach?