With how many decimal places does "matchedGeoLocation" work?

Hi all,

I need to know how many decimal places the “matchedGeoLocation” object works with within the “getRankingInfo” since I need to identify from a list of coordinates which is the one used to execute “Geographical Ranking”.
For example from a list of geo locations that I pass: _geoloc: [{lat: -0.164336, lng: -78.475529}, {lat: -0.273248, lng: -78.543602}],
I get as reply: _rankingInfo.matchedGeoLocation: {lat: -0.2733, lng: -78.5437, distance: 2157}. So with that answer I want to identify that the coordinates that matched are: {lat: -0.273248, lng: -78.543602}.

Thank you very much for your help.