Woo Commerce Menu_Order - Asc/Desc

Hi there,

Im having an issue trying to figure out why it is, on our product category pages, the Woo Commerce menu_order appears to be in a descending order. That is, a product with a menu_order number of 500 for instance, appears at the top of the product category page above a product with a menu_order number of 30 etc.

In my Woo Commerce settings its http://d.pr/i/kNMT

Is there something I need to be doing?

Hi @thomas,

Currently, we only listen for the “post save” event to push the data to Algolia.
When actually re-ordering products from the products list, WooCommerce only updates an attribute of the product without actually triggering the save event.

Could it be that you recently changed the menu_order from the re-ordering screen or from the product detail but without hitting the “update product” button?

Could you check in your Algolia dashboard that the menu_order of the items are correctly in sync?

Let us know if it ends up being a relevancy problem.