WooComemrce Shop_Catalog image not viewable on searchpage

I followed this discussion Wordpress Plugin only indexing 150x150 Image and I got the shop_catalog image to be indexed in Algolia administration, I can see it in there, but on the website the shop_catalog size isn’t visible in the output. How do I make the image viewable on the website serach page like the default thumbnail image?

I have reindexed my settings several times. my code looks like this:

function ver_algolia_post_images_sizes($sizes){
  $sizes[] = 'shop_catalog';

  return $sizes;
add_filter('algolia_post_images_sizes', 'ver_algolia_post_images_sizes');

Is there anything I am missing?

This is solved. I am not sure what did the trick. But maybe several Reindexing and Pushing of the settings helped. The Shop Catalog is beeing recieved on the search page and I can display it instead of the default thumbnail image.

Normally a single re-index should take into account the new image sizes.