Woocommerce Algolia Search Broken - Updated Plugin


On RugSale.com we updated our Algolia plugin, added new products and synced Algolia. The sync ended in an error.

As a result all of our images are missing and products are not displaying. Example - https://www.rugsale.com/#q=blue&hPP=36&idx=wp_posts_product&p=0&is_v=1

We need a fix for this ASAP.

Hi @shawn,

That is unfortunate.

In the latest version of the WordPress plugin, we highly reduced the average payload size of the records to improve speed.

One of the things we removed is the image url for all sizes.

We’ve sent you an update yesterday of the plugin and it appears to have fixed your issue.

Yet I’m very curious about the error message you are getting. Please note that it shouldn’t impact things too much given it happened only after the last re-indexing call.

Do you have any errors logged somehow?

Thanks for the fix. 2 quick questions…

  1. The image is no longer clickable as a link. You need click to ‘View Details’ to get to the product page. Is this something you can fix for us?

  2. How do we revert back to hiding the Algolia logo in the search results?

Hi @shawn,

  1. If this was the case in the past, it probably was custom code on your implementation. Could you check that out?
  2. There now is an option on the settings screen of the plugin Admin page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Let me know how it goes.