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Hi everyone,

I experience two problems with the beta of Algolia Search for WooCommerce Plugin (0.4.0).

(WordPress 4.7, Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results 1.6.0)

When the Algolia Search for WooCommerce Plugin is activated, it won’t index new products [posts_product] anymore. It does index [searchable_posts], but at the same time products are stuck as pending tasks. When I deactivate Algolia Search for WooCommerce and use Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results only, it is working fine again.

I have two products on my test page. When I use Instantsearch.js it displays those two products on search and the facets. But when I use the option to override the default WooCommerce search page with an instant search experience powered by Algolia, than only a search form is displayed in the #content section, but no results or facets. In the firebug console it displays following error:
AlgoliaSearchError: Index wp2_posts_product_menu_order_asc does not exist



Hi @barelo, thanks a lot for submitting this,

If I understand correctly the products do not get indexed properly and the queue hangs when the WooCommerce plugin is active?

If so, do you have any error on the Logs page of the plugin? If not, are you comfortable enabling WordPress PHP logs and re-try to see if any error gets generated?

Thanks a lot, looking forward to resolve this,

i have the same problem with visualization , i see only search bar as result of search .
i try with twenty fifteen theme , more simple as possible , but i get the same result .

Hi @francescoes,

Do you mind taking a screen short of your “indexing” screen on the admin, and also let us know if you have errors on the “Logs” page?

Did you also select a container where to inject the instantsearch.js experience on the “Zoning” screen?

here you are the print screen ok the zoning

OK @francescoes that seems OK assuming you did hit the “Save changes” button.

Can you also do a screen of “Indexing” and “Logs”?

Also it looks like you have quite some PHP errors on the different screens, that might be a problem if they also arise during the indexing.

ok i disable error from wp-config.php but the result is the same . i’ll attach the screen shot asked

Sorry if my previous message was not clear, but what I would need is to know if you have any error logged into the Logs page of the plugin in WordPress. It looks like the replica indices are not generated and you might face a bug related to the current configuration under “woocommerce -> products -> display”. Maybe a screenshot of that might help as well.

Thanks for your patience and your support,


here comes the Logs page:

and the queue monitoring page:

Products are selected but not indexed.

It looks like the queue doesn’t go further than the pushing of the settings.

This probably means a PHP error is raised during the converting of your products to Algolia records.

Do you have access to your PHP logs?

I had two WP installations sharing the same user base in one database. That seems to interfeer with Algolia somehow. Is it possible to have two different searches on the same website? For example one searchform searching and displaying only blog posts and a second searchform searching and displaying only woocommerce products?

Hi @barelo,

Yes this is possible, you can use the autocomplete + search page feature of the Algolia plugin for WordPress to search for blog posts and then use the Algolia plugin for WooCommerce to override the product search page on category / tag / product search pages.

Let me know if you struggle setting it up.

Hi @rayrutjes ,

when I activate the algolia woocommerce plugin to replace the regular woocommerce search page, it returns an empty results page:

Looks like it is not connecting to the index correctly. There are 4 products in my posts_product index.

I have been working with the regular instantsearch.js and when using it, it displays the products correctly.