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This is just an inquiry.
If I check “Orders [posts_shop_order]” in the Algolia Search admin tab, will orders searches performed via the admin work through Algolia? (that would be great, I have 30,000+ orders in my database and the regular Woocommerce search is super-slow).
I am talking of this search, via the search box “search orders” on the right:


(Woocommerce 2.6.9 / Wordpress 4.7 / Woocommerce plugin 0.4.0 / Algolia Search 1.6.0)

@christian, some users have been reporting this as well, and I think it would be great to be able to search those with Algolia.

For now, this is a bit out of scope of the plugin as we focus on the frontend search experience.

I’m still interested to hear you on the subject though.

  • On a ladder from 1 to 10 how painful is it to search for an order right now?
  • On what fields of the order are you searching on?
  • What information do you need to be displayed in the dropdown to know if the order matches the one you are searching for?

Gladly hack something for this as it seems a problem that is common for a lot of store owners :wink:

Probably won’t be integrated in this plugin though,

Sure, frontend is what makes us live!
On the 1-10 painful ladder, I am at 3, maybe 4 if the outside weather is fine. :slight_smile: (3 is the correct answer).

The fields are:

  • order ID
  • customer email
  • customer name
  • sometimes products SKU

BTW, searching products in the admin is also painful too (4-6 painful).

If some day you decide to create a plugin or something for admin, I would glad to be enrolled in your beta program!

That makes a lot of sense.

I see one complexity here which security.

Indeed most of the users will provide the default Search API key in the plugin configuration. If we index orders and products that are not visible publicly, we need to ensure that the resulting Algolia indices are not readable with the same search API key as in the frontend.

The easiest workaround here would be to ask users to use a dedicated Algolia APP, which would also imply an additional subscription to an Algolia plan. I think this is the best solution though to ensure security.

From your feedback, I understand that searching products in the backend is even more important than searching for an order. So I’d probably look into that as a first step when I have time. I suppose searching on:

  • title
  • content
  • sku
    Is enough?

And for the display, we do:

  • title
  • sku
  • price? (is this)



Sorry if I was not clear enough, actually (in my case) order search would be slightly more important, because order search is really slower than product search (I have 40,000 orders in my db), but of course an Algolia product search would be great as well.

As far as product search is concerned, yes

  • title
  • content
  • sku
    are enough. The ability to add some metafields to the search would also help a lot (for example, I sell travel maps, they have ISBNs that is recorded in an ISBN fields, and does not match necessarily the SKU - I tend to rely a lot on this metafield to find products).

For display, in addition to title, sku and price, I need at least to see the stock level, cost of goods, and product categories. This view should be as customizable as possible, since I am pretty sure each merchant has its own personal but crucial habits.


(Woocommerce 2.6.9 / Wordpress 4.7 / Woocommerce plugin 0.5.1 / Algolia Search 1.6.0)

That makes sense @christian !

Make sure I’ll take a look at this thread when I’ll hack something around the orders :wink:

Definitely a nice use case for Algolia :heart:

I’ll keep you posted,


I just realized that I never shared here that there now is a plugin to search into your WooCommerce orders in no time!

Thanks again @christian for helping me in building this!

Thanks YOU for building this great addition to Algolia! A great time saver, that I use everyday.

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