Woocommerce Plug In Latest Update Broke on Ipad

The latest update broke the results on Mobile & Ipad. Can you please check ASAP.

Hi @charlie,

Could you give us more details of what doesn’t display correctly?

Maybe screenshots could help.

we fixed it - the new plug in broke some of our custom CSS

is it possible to get a change log when new plug ins are released so we know what changes are made?

I’m glad you resolved your issue :wink:

The changelog is included in every plugin and indeed stated that we improved some CSS rules for the grid and the filters sidebar.

What we should probably do in the future is make the changelog part of the new release announcement.
I’ll make sure I integrate it next time.


thanks - one last question - I was told that this new release would fix the issue of rankings being re-set on index but that is not the case. How can we get it so it does not reset my rankings?

We will disable the overriding of the settings in version 1.8.0 of the Algolia plugin for WordPress. You can see the milestone here: https://github.com/algolia/algoliasearch-wordpress/milestone/8

Stay tuned.