Woocommerce plugin 0.3.0 : warning remains though Algolia Search installed


I have just installed the Woocommerce plugin (0.3.0), along with the Algolia Search (1.6.0) plugin on https://mapscompany.com, but though both plugins are activated (I tried several deactivate - reactivate in various orders) I still get this warning everywhere in my admin:

Algolia Search for WooCommerce: Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results plugin should be enabled.

(Woocommerce 2.6.9 / Wordpress 4.7)

Thanks for reaching us!

This means we fail at detecting that you currently have the Algolia Search plugin enabled or it fails at detecting the correct version of it.

Can you try var_dumping the ALGOLIA_VERSION constant line 26 of the algolia-woocommerce.php file?

Thank you for your help!

I’m not a programmer, so I guess I do something wrong…
I have added:
echo var_dump(‘ALGOLIA_VERSION’);
to line 26, and all I get as a result is

No problem Christian, appreciate the effort though, and you were pretty close:


Here is what I get:

Here is copy of the beginning of the file, in case I did something wrong:

<?php /** * @wordpress-plugin * Plugin Name: Algolia Search for WooCommerce * Plugin URI: https://community.algolia.com/woocommerce * Description: Todo * Version: 0.3.0 * Author: Algolia * Author URI: https://www.algolia.com * * Text Domain: algolia-woocommerce * Domain Path: /languages/ */ // The Algolia Search for WooCommerce plugin version. define( 'ALGOLIA_WOOCOMMERCE_VERSION', '0.3.0' ); define( 'ALGOLIA_WOOCOMMERCE_PLUGIN_BASENAME', plugin_basename(__FILE__) ); if ( ! defined( 'ALGOLIA_WOOCOMMERCE_PATH' ) ) { define( 'ALGOLIA_WOOCOMMERCE_PATH', plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) ); } if ( ! defined( 'ALGOLIA_WOOCOMMERCE_URL' ) ) { define( 'ALGOLIA_WOOCOMMERCE_URL', plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ) ); } var_dump(ALGOLIA_VERSION); /** * @return string */ function aw_plugin_path() { return untrailingslashit( ALGOLIA_WOOCOMMERCE_PATH ); }

Is there any chance you could take a screenshot of the folder: wordpress/wp-content/plugins?
I would like to see the naming of the folders inside of the plugins folder, because that is what we use for detecting if the plugin is active.

Also do you use a special hosting provider?

Thanks a lot for helping us out on this!

It is a Cloudways + Google Engine hosting, I can virtually anything :slight_smile: on it!
Here is the screenshot:

Ok so that is why the message still displays, because we detect:

  • algoliasearch-wordpress
  • search-by-algolia-instant-relevant-results

But not: algoliasearch-wordpress-master

How comes you ended up with algoliasearch-wordpress-master as name of the plugin folder?

If the installation is common to other users I’ll make sure to detect that folder as well.

I downloaded the Algolia Search plugin on the github repository.
I have changed the name of the folder on my install and it works fine. Thank you!

That is great to hear!