Woocommerce plugin: index SKU

Yes the WooCommerce plugin allows you to search into SKUs.

I’ve sent you the link by DM.


@rayrutjes hi there. How can I get the Woocommerce Algolia Plugin?
A client of mine, is in kind of desperate need to be able to search using SKUs.

Thanks in advance

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@zpagoulatosI’ve sent you a DM :tada:

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I received it. Thanks @rayrutjes
Is there a setting to auto-index the SKUs and I am missing it?


Sorry for the very late reply :confused:

SKUs should be made searchable when using the WooCommerce plugin.

You need to hit the “push-settings” button on the “autocomplete” page of the plugin.

I hope that helps,

Hey rayrutjes,

We’ve just set up Algolia search on our site, we are really interested in being able to search using SKUs on our website. Does the current Agolia plugin provide this functionality our would we need access to the closed beta?

Thanks =)

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I’ve sent you a copy of the plugin over direct message :slight_smile:

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It did they trick! Although it said I exceeded the limit of operations, so I guess not all products are indexed with the SKU.

In any case, thanks @rayrutjes

Dear Raymond,
we are using the WP Plugin for our Woocommerce shop as well. It would be great if we could receive a copy of the plugin to test it in our shop as well.
Thank you,

Dear @rayrutjes,
we are running a woocommerce shop and are interested to use your search. Could you send us the woocommerce plugin so we can try it?

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The plugin has been sent over DM @esbjerg !

Hi Raymond,

We are running Woocommerce and are interested in your search solution as well. Could you please send us the Woocommerce Plugin for evaluation?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, would someone at this forum be so kind to send me the Algolia Woocommerce Plugin?

If at the moment the opportunity to search by sku woocommerce?

Hi @rayrutjes,

We’re also interested in the WooCommerce plugin, could you send it by PM?

Kind regards,

Another taker for the Beta version of the plugin. Can you send me the link?

Hi @rayrutjes,

I’ve been using the WP plugin for a while, and it works great. Now I am planning to configure SKUs for all the products, so I tested with one product but I have an issue where it doesn’t seem to index woo-commerce products SKUs.

Searching by SKU return no results. And when I look at the product indexed data under the browse page on your portal, I see all the details except for the SKU.

I am running the Wordpress plugin “Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results” Version 2.11.2, and WordPress 4.9.8.

Please advise what I am missing.

Hi @rayrutjes,

We’re also dearly interested in the WooCommerce plugin, could you send it by PM?

With kindest regards,

@rayrutjes Hello, we’re considering using algolia to power our eCommerce search. We’re on WooCommerce and have the plugin installed but we are unable to search by SKU. When I look over the index I don’t see that the SKU is being sent to Algolia. I “Pushed Setting” but still nothing. Is there still a private beta that I need in order to be able to search by sku? We rely heavily on searching by SKU.


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Hi there,

You can try out our WooCommerce plugin: https://github.com/algolia/algoliasearch-woocommerce