Woocommerce plugin: Stock level in autocomplete drop-dowm and result page

Hi everyone,
Would it be possible to display the stock level (or at least the in stock / out of stock value) in the autocomplete drop-down?
Same question for the result page?
Without this indications, users may be disappointed to be led to out of stock products.

(Woocommerce 2.6.11 / Wordpress 4.7 / Woocommerce plugin 0.5.1 / Algolia Search 1.6.0)

I expected this was already the case. If we don’t respect out of stocks items visibility I consider it as a bug.

Can you confirm that your WooCommerce configuration is set to not show out of stock products? If that wasn’t the case though, you will need to change that, and then re-do a full re-index.

Waiting for your feedback before digging further.

Thanks a lot!

Sorry for my late answer.
You are right, my Woocommerce configuration is set to display the out of stock products - I was unclear about that in my message.
Would there be a way to display the availability (“in stock” / “out of stock”) and the stock level (ex. “2 left in stock”) in the search results? As well as in the dropdown?

@christian in the future we plan to allow users to override the html and JavaScript.

This will allow you to customize the displayed fields.

For now we don’t allow it yet because that permits us to introduce some changes to the UI/UX without asking all our users to edit their custom implementation every time which can be frustrating.

I hope that makes sense. We will write a guide about how to customize the search results once it is possible.

Yes, it makes sense.
Approximatively when do you expect to release this guide?

We don’t have a clear ETA yet given that we are still actively onboarding new beta testers.

I don’t want to take an engagement that we wouldn’t be able to fullfill.

Be sure we are working hard to bring it to you as fast as possible :wink:

Please bear with us!