Woocommerce plugin translation


I find it difficult to translate (from english to french) the terms on the result page, as well as in the dropdown.

I am not able to find the terms I want to change with Loco Translate, the Woocommerce recommended translation plugin.

How can I do that?

For example on this result page : https://lacompagniedescartes.fr/?s=djibouti&post_type=product
I would like to translate these terms:

  • Product categories
  • Filter by tag
  • Filter by price
  • We found 4 products matching “djibouti” in 1 ms with

I am unable to find those terms in the PO file. Can I have some help with this issue?


(Woocommerce 2.6.9 / Wordpress 4.7 / Woocommerce plugin 0.5.1 / Algolia Search 1.6.0)

Hi @christian, short answer: there is no easy way to do it for now.

It is on our roadmap though. Will probably be in the next release.

All translations will be available in PO files.

Thanks for reminding us :wink:

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I just discovered this issue recently, if I had spotted that earlier, I would have put that on top on my wish list!
I hope you will improve that very soon, it is a kind dealbreaker for non-english speaking websites.
Thank you for being so receptive!
Have a very good day.

Roger that @christian, and don’t blame yourself, we did have the other features to be developed first anyway. Now seems like the ideal time to implement this!

I’ll leave this topic unresolved till we do release the feature.

Thanks for your patience and support!

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One month after this initial post, I was just wondering if it would be soon ready for translation.
This is really an issue for my non-english speaking users.

Hi @christian,

This has been implemented and is ready to ship. You will receive your copy in a moment.

Thanks for your patience! Let me know if there is any missing translation!

@christian you should have received your copy by now.

Let me know if that resolves your issue regarding translations!

No yet! Was I supposed to receive this by email?

Received it, installed it … perfect! I was able to translate every word on the search result page!

Though, I was not able to translate the terms that appear in the dropdown list, ex. “PRODUCT CATEGORIES”, “POSTS” etc. :

How can I do that? Nor the Algolia Woocommerce or the Algolia Wordpress plugin seem to have these termes ready for translation.