WooCommerce Shop and Category Pages

Using Algolia on a new site I am working on (used on non-wordpress sites in the past).

My only question:

I understand how the plugin allows for the Autocomplete and powering the search results with Algolia. What I am not clear on is how (or if) I can use it to power the shop page and the category pages (including faceted search)?


Hi @MikeNight, you can use it with the WooCommerce shop page and category pages, however, unless you find a third party integration, you will need to build your own plugin using our WordPress integration guide. The guide won’t be specifically about WooCommerce, but should get you started in the right direction creating your own custom plugin.

You would need to create your own template files to override the current WooCommerce templates in your theme. You would also need to index your product data into the Algolia index. Basically, you would replace the current WooCommerce pages with your own pages which use the Algolia instantsearch.