WooCommerce w Algolia indexing


Hello. We’ve been using WooCommerce Algolia beta and WooCommerce 3+ for many months now. With some customization we’ve kept it running fairly well, but it’s not possible to run a full reindex of products anymore. Our index usually stops around 80% or less.

Algolia Search for Woo 0.0.8
Search by Algolia 2.8.1
Wordpress 4.8.3 / PHP 5.6

I was wondering if there was a more recent Algolia for WooCommerce plugin that we could test. I know it may still be beta but it could help to try it. Or if you have any other suggestions…

Thanks for all your help!

Hi @trplustr,

We haven’t introduced any major changes since the beginning.

Could you tell me more about the error you are facing?
Is there something logged in your PHP logs?

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

The errors during indexing mainly deal with deprecations in WooC indexing.

get_dimensions should be wc_format_dimensions() and get_display price should be wc_get_price_to_display

It seems to get stuck on get_dimensions for too long sometimes and then there is a max execution time of 30 seconds Fatal Error.

I can try 300.

Hi at @rayrutjes - would it be possible for you to send me the woocommerce algolia beta plugin? Thank you!

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DM sent @shop, let us know how it goes!