WooCommerse | Instantsearch: How to get event "click on category filter"

I’m using WooCommerce on my website.
I need to display a category description of each open category in Instantsearch.

But I can’t get event “click on category filter”.
I’m trying do something like this:

$('body').on('click', '#facet-categories .ais-hierarchical-menu--item', function() {
	console.log("click event");

Help me with detection of clicking on Category filter, please


Hi @roni,

Unfortunately I don’t think this is easily do-able as off today.
Indeed, in the WooCommerce beta plugin, there is currently no way to override the default implementation, and instantsearch.js will by default stop the propagation of click events making it harder to achieve your goal.

Maybe we should ask @Bobylito which has a better understanding of the internals of IS :wink:
The question is, how to actually capture the click intent without having access to the actual instantsearch.js instance.

@roni can you send us a link with your actual implementation?