WordPress 5.0: Fatal Error when activating Search by Algolia

Hey Team,

I recently installed “Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results” for WordPress on a fresh install of WordPress 5.0 and there is a fatal error.

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting ‘)’ in /app/public/wp-content/plugins/search-by-algolia-instant-relevant-results/includes/libraries/algoliasearch-client-php/src/AlgoliaSearch/Client.php on line 1120

Here is some information on my configuration.

| Name                     | Version  |
| Search by Algolia        |  2.11.2  |
| WordPress                |  5.0     |
| PHP                      |  7.2.9   |
| MySQL                    |  5.7.23  |

The only other plugin that was installed is ACF with no content. Deactivation of ACF doesn’t change the resulting error.

Hi Edward,

Thanks for contacting support.

I’m sorry to hear your initial setup didn’t go as planned. So that we may attempt to determine the issue, could you delete and reinstall the plugin. Details can be found here.

Let me know how it goes and if there is anything else I can do for you.
Best Regards,

Thanks Jason,

I searched all over for a solution and couldn’t find one.

I deleted the plugin and added it manually through the Github repo over SFTP.

Worked like a charm!

Hi Edward,

Nice work. Glad to hear you’re up and running!