Wordpress & ACF: Manually split a large field?

I have a large repeater field I would need indexed, which, unfortunately when added directly causes the Contact us if you need an extended quota error.

From what I understand, the default wordpress Content field is split into records automatically, is there a way to do this manually so that a long ACF field can be indexed?

In my case, I am currently trying to add the ACF field description like so:


function my_post_attributes( array $attributes, WP_Post $post ) {
  $attributes['description'] = get_field('description', $post->ID );

Hi there,

Have you followed the instructions and details found in the article below:


Hi Jason, thanks for the response.

I did indeed try that, as mentioned in the original post - the issue is that large blocks exceed the maximum quota size, so I was wondering how one could break large blocks of custom field content down in the same way the content is automatically broken down? (e.g. is there a function or filter that could be run on the result of the get_field)

@rayrutjes Are you aware of a way to accomplish this splitting of content with Advanced Custom Fields?


I think what you are trying to achieve is not really easy to achieve.

Here is the helper function we use in order to split content into multiple fields: https://github.com/algolia/algoliasearch-wordpress/blob/master/includes/class-algolia-utils.php#L162

In your case however, you need to find a way to return your description from the the_content hook: https://github.com/algolia/algoliasearch-wordpress/blob/master/includes/indices/class-algolia-searchable-posts-index.php#L83

That way all the splitting would be handled for you.

I hope that helps,