WordPress Algolia - building search page from scratch from documentation API keys wrong yet they are right

Hello there, can I get attention from anyone that is employed by Algolia? I am on paid plan yet I am unable to get any answers. Since I can not get working any ACF field to display in instantsearch for last 3 days with no reply I decided to build search page from scratch trying to better understand the software. Working from documentation: https://www.algolia.com/doc/api-client/javascript/search/#search-for-facet-values this does actually work with the default api keys I am able to search the default electronic store. However once I copy paste all my credentials from my Algolia and swap the search index for the indicies name in my dashboard this stops working. Error in the console - wrong API keys. It exactly shows me which to copy so I am not making mistake of swapping the search one for admin API key. There are only two keys which are correct. Same with indicies name it is correct, yet I get message in error console it is wrong. Can anyone from Algolia please have look on the documentation or send proper sample code. It becomes increasingly frustrating to work with software that even by rigorous following of documentation is not working. Either the documentation is wrong or the examples are not right or those snippets are broken to too many pieces that one is missing the overall overview of what needs to be done. Can anyone with Algolia contact me I am on paid plan I already send list of my questions and I still don’t have any reply nor any of my posts here have been resolved. Thank you

EDIT : i have used console.log to output the connection details from the original app and can confirm they are identical. My error in the console is saying this:
r {name: “AlgoliaSearchError”, message: “Index instant_search does not exist”, debugData: Array(1), statusCode: 404, stack: "Error↵ at g (https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/instantse…1/instantsearch.min.js:2:9559)↵ at "}debugData: Array(1)message: "Index instant_search does not exist"name: "AlgoliaSearchError"statusCode: 404stack: "Error↵ at g (https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/instantsearch.js/1/instantsearch.min.js:2:9559)↵ at "proto: Error
n.emit @ events.js:59
r._dispatchAlgoliaResponse @ algoliasearch.helper.js:1188
(anonymous) @ AlgoliaSearchCore.js:434

Hi @massimpressions,

Sorry about the delay on your initial email support request.
I’ve just answered your first request regarding your WordPress questions.

I’d love to help you more going forward, but for that I’d need to know more about where you are currently at.

  1. I understand you are now using the Algolia PHP client directly and trying to build a custom frontend implementation?

  2. Are you still using the Algolia plugin for WordPress?

Speak to you soon,

Hi Ray,

No worries.

  1. and 2) I am still using Algolia plugin for WordPress. Since i was not getting any response I was digging deeper into the documentation and thought that building the search from scratch is not going to be bad idea, at least I will see the process, what goes in and out - simply best way to learn.

I am happy and prefer to stay with plugin for WordPress if it means I will be able to do what I need. There are few points at this moment. One of them is building custom facet and being able to output simple ACF fields / repeater ACF fields.

But most pressing issue at the moment is to understand how Algolia indexes multiple CPT. I am aware it creates one index where it cumulates all the CPT data. Unfortunately I figured this out only after deleting it so I need to recover from this … how do I create it anew, or how do I make it reindex if I make any changes?

Thank you

For ACF fields, we need to add some concrete examples to the documentation. I opened an issue here to track it down. I will try to illustrate the addition of a facet. Do you have a suggestion of facet that I could take for the documentation?
Also, what kind of ACF field to you want to display? I could document your specific use case as well.

Regarding re-indexing your custom posts, you can follow the instructions provided here (for the record).