Wordpress media inside the instantsearch

I’m indexing wordpress media attachments. They are indexing, they are showing inside autocomplete. But can’t get them to work for the instantsearch. I tried using algolia_posts_attachment_index_settings hook and many others, everything looks fine, attachment post type isn’t in a blacklist.

​By default, the searchable_posts index only contains post types that are considered “searchable” in the WordPress sense. This does not include attachment by default.

This is the line that fetches the post types: algoliasearch-wordpress/class-algolia-plugin.php at master · algolia/algoliasearch-wordpress · GitHub

We do not currently offer a way to hook into this as far as I can see, but we could add it.
It would require some testing and implementation on our side though.

Could you share as much information as possible about the search experience you had in mind before I open a feature request?

Speak to you soon,