Wordpress not seeing all options?

Hi! I just installed the Wordpress plugin for Algolia and correctly placed my API keys, but I’m not seeing all the listed options for the plugin as shown in the documentation. I should see five according to the docs (Search Page, Autocomplete, Indexing, Logs and Settings) and I only see three - Search Page, Autocomplete, and Settings.) I’m running DIVI theme on the most recent version of Wordpress, if that helps. As a result, Algolia is indexing posts it shouldn’t be - and I’m not quite sure how to fix that without the Indexing page. Any insight on this would be great, thank you!

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Hi there,

The screenshots of the documentation are not up to date.
We need to find some time to update those.

Here is are related issue which you could track:

Perfect, this is really helpful! I too thought the autocomplete page only applied to autocomplete - that might be worth a quick note on the page itself :slight_smile: Thanks so much!