Wordpress plugin does not push changes to Algolia

Hi there. I’m pretty new to Algolia, but I’m thoroughly impressed so far.

I’m using the Wordpress plugin to create a PoC for an advanced filtering solution. But I’ve just discovered that it does not appear that the plugin pushes either new or changed content. From reading the documentation it sounds like this should be a part of the plugin out of the box?I’ve tested both with posts and a custom post type. I do have some custom code hooking into some filters, but even if I disable this, new stuff is still not pushed. I have to click the re-index button and re-index all content manually, which does not seem like the ideal solution. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi @developer2,

Thanks for contacting Algolia.

If you are using the WordPress plugin, indeed updates should be automatic. To the extent you think this is a bug, please do not hesitate to raise it in GitHub:

Recommended: However, if you are using Algolia as an “advanced filtering solution” and you think your use case will go beyond the basic needs, please consider following our guide for creating a custom WordPress integration:

If you have the knowledge to do this, it will give you more control and more power over Algolia features.

Hi @ajay.david

Thank you for your prompt reply :slight_smile:
I would probably have the knowledge to create a custom WordPress integration, but I did find the option of using your plugin for the initial connection and pushing of data very easily.

That being said, I found out what the problem was. Seeing as I’m wanting to only use it on a specific filtering page and not in the global search (mostly due to the filter page including only one post type which should not be included in the global search), I had set the settings under Search Page to “Do not use Algolia” - which apparently disables the pushing functionality although this is not clear from the description (to search in the content from another website it would still need to be indexed?).

Either way, I figured it out. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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