Wordpress questions

I just downloaded the “WP Search with Algolia”
I set the API keys and now it runs in my webshop.
The plugin replaced the built-in wordpress search engine.
It is very fast and i like it.

But I am not a programmer and i have some questions:
If i search something then in the dropdown appears all results.
But i want to list only 10 results and add a “more button” (or pagination button) for more results.
I set it but something is wrong because i still see all results in the dropdown list.

Please help me how can i do it?

Now the highlighted words in the results are blue.
How can I change the color of the highlighted parts?

I have found and i tried this CSS:

/* Highlighted text */
.ais-Highlight__highlighted {
color: red!important;
But it doesn’t work.
Please help me how can i do it?

Thanks, Attila

Hello @Attika7777,

Thank you for contacting us!

Happy to know that you like using Algolia so far.

However, we do not support our Wordpress plugin since last December. The plugin you are using WP Search With Algolia is maintained by a different company named Web Dev Studios which is not affiliated to Algolia. From their Wordpress page, it seems they have their own forum here, so I’d recommend you to check this page instead.


Hi Anthony,
Thanks for your reply.
Although I don’t really understand what wordpress part and what Algolia part is.
I’m sure my css question is wordpress.

But maybe my first question is it can be solved in the API config or not?
Because I found this setting there, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.
Or may I be looking for on a wrong place? :slight_smile:
For me, this whole Algolia world is still very new.
But I really like the speed.

Hi @Attika7777, Yes those things can be set in the API, but you will need to check with the plugin developer to get help because it will depend on how they have integrated with WordPress and Algolia using the API.

Hi Cindy,
Awesome :slight_smile:
Does that mean I set it up right on the API panel?
Indices>>Configuration>>Pagination>>Hits per page “10”

Hi @Attika7777, You can set it there and it should work, however, it will depend on how the plugin authors have integrated WordPress with Algolia. They could be overriding that setting.

Ok i see.
I will ask them.
Thank for your help, have a nice day. :slight_smile: