Wordpress styling issue

Hi everyone! Here is the styling issue on my wordpress site. Everything is indexing right, but when I try to type in the search tab - there are two different pages (one over another).

You can see it below.


Number 1 and number 2 - are the same pages, but one overrides another.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Hi there,

I’m not sure to understand the issue.

There are 2 search experiences that come with the WordPress plugin.

The one in your screenshot is the “autocomplete dropdown” experience. It is expected that this one displays over the rest of the content when the user starts typing.

I might be missing something here,

Please share your concerns,

Hi, Rayrutjes!

So the problem was with my wp theme itself. After activating Algolia Dropdown search my theme still shown the original dropdown with the same search results (on the screenshot: 1 is Algolia dropdown, 2 is the original theme dropdown).

The issue was fixed by adding css rule to original dropdown: display:none

Thanks for your attention!

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I understand!
Indeed if you have an existing autocomplete experience, you need to remove it.

Thanks for letting us know here that you solved your issue!