Wordpress/Woocommerce Options Missing

My biggest reason for picking this tool is because the woocommerce filter plugins are horrible. I am having trouble making a nice UX with you tool.
I am also not seeing any of the options that are shown in here https://community.algolia.com/wordpress/woocommerce.html#choose-on-what-pages-to-display-the-instant-search-experience

For example the woocommerce link under the plugin.

I would like to make a nice UX for filtering plroducts. Where if you are on watch category it will not show the filter “Diamond Type”.

Is this possible?

Hi there,

The first aspect we need to confirm is that you have Algolia & related plugins set up correctly. You mention “the woocommerce link under the plugin” not showing up. Could you post screenshots of your sidebar and other relevant plugin pages to help troubleshoot?

Just to confirm, you have followed the installation steps here along with the installation guide here

If you have previously gone through the installation process, please try it again and let us know of any error message showing up at any moment or anything that is not displaying the way we say it should. Add screenshots of your process if necessary.

After installation is confirmed to be correct we can move on to your filtering by category goals.

Thanks in advance. I’ll look forward to your reply!


thank you for the quick reply! I really appreciate it.

I have attached two images. One of the list of plugins and one of the search plugin side bar options.
When installing I did not get an error messages. The API key worked just fine.

I installed the plugin again and everything stayed exactly the same.

Thanks again for the help! I really want to purchase this service for all my projects going forward.

Hi Mirza,

I’m wondering if our screenshot in the docs needs to be updated. Have you looked around in 3 options you have available (Autocomplete, Search Page, & Settings) to see if you can move forward in the setup instructions?


yes i have. Very basic options

I would like to have filters that are adaptive. like in these examples

Hi Mirza,

Could you post what you currently have with screenshots along with what you are expecting as the desired result? Specific examples would be very helpful.