Working with subsets of the index

Hello dear Algolia team.

I am trying to understand if algolia’s Autocomplete product can be suitable for my company’s needs.

We are a platform that allows users/travel companies to rent rooms directly from the hotels without 3rd party sites like etc.

We want to add autocomplete functionality , and i am having problems with finding a way to send additional filters in a way that each user will get results only from a “subset” of the index that relevant to him(without using the ‘visible_by’ option i saw you have as it will not work in our use case)

We have several use-cases as fallows:

  • show only results from country, for example ‘Italy’
  • show only results from city, for example ‘Tel Aviv’
  • show only specific hotels (in this case we provide the specific hotel_id and this will be the subset)
  • show combination of specific cities and/or countries and/or specific hotel_ids

So my question is, how can i implement this functionally of defining the relevant subset of the index for each query.

We are using react as the front end.

Thank you from advance,