Wp-config api for WooCommerce Order Search Admin?




After having a little search, I don’t think it is possible, but was wondering if we can do something a little similar to the frontend search plugin with regards to putting the API details in the wp-config file? e.g.

define( ‘ALGOLIA_APPLICATION_ID’, ‘et’ );
define( ‘ALGOLIA_SEARCH_API_KEY’, ‘key’ );
define( ‘ALGOLIA_API_KEY’, ‘key’ );
define( ‘ALGOLIA_INDEX_NAME_PREFIX’, ‘dev_site_’ );

I would like to do the same for the admin search plugin too as I am using 2 environments and don’t want cross pollination of data between environments.


Hey @Mack.

I think that makes a lot of sense.

I’ve opened an issue here: https://github.com/rayrutjes/wc-order-search-admin/issues/64

If you feel like doing a PR, please go ahead.



Hello @Mack, you can now use constants since v1.11.0

I hope that helps!