Wrong Callback with "Authorize Netlify to access Algolia Crawler Admin Screen"

First of all, I sent message to Support and received absolutely inadequate response: " The application you have requested help for is currently on a free ‘Netlify’ plan**.** Netlify is a free plugin Algolia offers and does not include technical web support."

Guys, at least test that your documentation pages are indeed correct! It doesn’t matter “technical web support” or not, you made “kaka”’ in docs, please clean it!!!

Here is the issue:

Follow Step 1. Authorize Netlify to access Crawler Admin Console - Crawler! In the following screen you will see “callback URL” which is Dashboard instead of Crawler. I believe it is bug with Bug: Callback is wrong with "Signin to Algolia with Netlify" link · Issue #861 · algolia/algoliasearch-netlify · GitHub (or with its’ configuration).