Yes/No Filter using React Widgets


I’m trying to use a Yes/No filter with the React widgets. If I try toggle like below, they are both selected together, not independently?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @joe, could you provide us with a reproducible example using our CodeSandbox template? Here it is:

Even if your example is failing, at least show us how far you went and we can see what we can do.

It will save you and us a ton of time to resolve this issue!

Hi @vvo

Thanks for your response and yeah of course. I’m not sure what facets are available in that index but if you click “Yes” or “No” you can see the issue:

Hope that helps


@vvo nudge nudge :joy:

Hi @joe this is a real bug indeed and one we are now tracking down here:

Please follow this thread to get updated information. It might take some time to fix it, sorry about that.