Yotpo Reviews Summary Widget integration

I am trying to display the Yotpo reviews summary on the search results.

I added the Yotpo script in algolia_instant_search_product.hogan.liquid but it doesn’t work.

The same reviews code is working inside the product page https://www.premierlook.com/products/skincareosmosis-skincare-md-protect-broad-spectrum-sunscreen-spf-30?variant=32046305542193

Please help!


It seems you have some JS errors, for example:

I’m wondering if this could somewhat explain your problem?

Otherwise could you share the code you are expecting to work but doesn’t?

That error have been present on the site since I installed algolia, but it didn’t create any real issue.

The current code added is

Yotpo requires to pass the product id, but I now seem to understand that objectID is not the product id…
Can you tell which parameter I should use for product ID…


In your Algolia records, it seems you have a field id, is that what you are looking for maybe?