⚠️ You should update your API clients

I got this msg. I’m using ZD plugin. Could someone help me what I need to do please? Maybe I need to update api key? Thanks!

can somebody help pls?

Sorry about the lack of answer here, I completely missed this notification.
There’s nothing you need to worry about in this warning, all the steps are on our side.

Our Ruby client was updated to better handle its connection retry strategy.
You can see its ChangeLog here.

However, in our Zendesk connector’s case, an error would just have meant a crash of the current reindexing execution, which would have automatically been restarted.
Also, since our integration does everything in a temporary index and replaces the live one with the new one only as the last step of its run, even in case of a crash, your search wouldn’t have been impacted.

Anyway, I’ve updated our Ruby client version in our connector and deployed it.
You shouldn’t have any warning in next week’s email. :slight_smile: