Zendesk integration force data sanitization

Hello! According to the article, Algolia accepts data as is, including html tags.

But in my Algolia-Zendesk Integration there is no field which would keeps the full articles data, including html tags. I only have “body_safe” field, which keeps already sanitize data. I also couldn’t find any index settings that would allow saving data without cleaning.

I need full article data including html in order to build beautiful preview for my search according to html-tags. Without tags, I have no way to understand where the article contains paragraphs and where the subheadings are (for example, to build the content of the article in the preview box based on the subheadings contained in it)

Thanks for your help in advance

Algolia accepts the content as-is, including HTML.

However, the Zendesk integration is responsible for creating the object that is sent to Algolia.
This integration doesn’t include the HTML in the data sent, which is why you don’t see it in your index.