Zendesk Reindexing Not Working

Looks like our site’s Zendesk integration has not been updating the article index for the last couple of days. Is this feature broken? I know Zendesk has made some KB changes over the last week, and wondering if that has anything to do with it…

I’ll investigate and get back to you as soon as I have more info!

Hi Jerska,

Upon further analysis, it looks like copy/move index operations stopped occurring back on May 5th. Did something happen with Algolia and/or the Zendesk integration on or around that date?

Hi Norm,

I’ve investigated between yesterday and today, and here are my conclusions + suggestions.
First, we had an issue with our install process due to a recent change in our website behavior which I’ve fixed today.​

The second thing is that Zendesk is sending us back unauthorized status codes to our requests.
While they’ve publicly stated that OAuth tokens (which we use to communicate with their API) should never expire, I’m suspecting this might be the issue here.
Can I ask you to go through the install process once? This should update your refresh token.
Afterwards, in your Algolia dashboard > Connectors tab, could you click Reindex in the top right corner?

Once this is done, if after 30 minutes your index is still not up to date, please let me know.